How Much Will a New Roof Cost?

The question of how much a new roof will cost is both common and, unfortunately, hard to answer. Many factors affect the eventual total cost of a roof replacement.

First, the prices of roofing materials are in constant fluctuation. Since many roofing materials are made with oil byproducts, the day-to-day price of oil plays a major role in material prices. Additionally, prices will rise both seasonally and following natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados, due to increased demand.

The structure of your home also plays a role in the eventual cost of your new roof. Homes with simple, low-sloping roof structures are easier to roof, and thus, require less cost of labor, while more complex roof structures and roofs with steeper slopes require more time and labor to safely reroof. Also, roof structures which are excessively broken up (many lines) result in more material waste, which adds to the overall cost of your new roof.

If you Request a FREE Roofing Estimate, Genesis Roofing, Inc's qualified roofing professionals can provide you with an exact estimate for the total cost of replacing your home's roof.